Eyup Sultan Camii

Eyup is a district in Istanbul where the Eyup Sultan Camii (Mosque) is situated. Eyup is located near the Golden Horn. It is said to be the complex where there is a mausoleum marking the spot where Eyup (Job) Al Ansari is said to be buried.

Who is Eyup Al Ansari?

Eyup Al Ansari was a bearer and the friend of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Eyup supported the prophet during migration to Madina in 622. During the arrival of our prophet in Medina, everyone wanted to host the prophet and for this reason our prophet pbuh decided that wherever his camel will stop, he will stay there. The camel stopped outside the home of Eyup Al Ansari who hosted Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh)

It was said that Eyup Al Ansari prepared meals for only the prophet and Abu Bakr but Muhammed (Pbuh) directed that everyone take part in this meal. 180 people were said to eat this meal satisfactorily!

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