How to get into Study Focus Mode!

Sometimes we think that our exams or tasks are far away and that we have lots of time. The reality is, when we come nearer to the time we actually produce a lower quality of work that we intended to. This is because we mis-interpret the amount of work required to achieve our goal!

We can find ourselves staring into space or procrastinating which has negative impacts – not working towards what we want. Every small step is important. So, how do we get into this concentration mode? Some tips:

  1. PUT ALL SOCIAL MEDIA ASIDE- Bye bye phone! see you after this chapter! Yes – No Instagram, no talking to friends, no Facebook, Snapchat or whatever you use. Just you with a book or your laptop (without SM and full focus)
  2. NEVER WORK ALONGSIDE A FRIEND – Sometimes you think “Hey- I need a study buddy”- NO you do not… You will find your self constantly going off topic and starting to talk. You’d also become distracted. Individual study promoted full concentration and helps you study
  3. Take regular breaks! and have some water in between – need some oxygen from all that studying!
  4. PLAN AHEAD! Yes look at what you want to achieve and how much time you have left from TODAY! Try and get an idea of how much work you will do say daily until you achieve that goal! STRUCTURE – ORGANISE- DIARY?
  5. THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE! Once that goal is achieved- think how many positive impacts it will have an how it contributes to your career and ambitions.
  6. SPEAK OUT LOUD WHILST WORKING- For some people it helps them concentrate
  7. Turn your LONG Term goal into some SHORT TERM ones- Break it down!
  8. Turn it into a ROUTINE
  9. Make sure your work ENVOIRONMENT is comfortable
  10. PRIORITIZE!!!!

Good Luck to all fellow students who have upcoming exams. Best wishes!



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