Asian Wedding Photographer Experiences!!!

I have done more than a fair share of photography at Asian Weddings. The style of photography is now getting too typical and people are coming up with new poses. Editing is not what it used to be and now people demand more!

In my case, I think simple is better. However I don’t like the shots of family’s and groups. I prefer to take singular shots of people and this can be hard in Asian weddings when no one is listening and your are struggling to raise your voice. 

You may also have a brideZilla who can be impossible and also very reluctant on posing which can be both annoying and stressful! The more clients cooperate, the better the pictures! 

I’ve also noticed as a female photographer, families can be very caring and nice and you can get attached to them. You may even make a few friends with some of the aunties! Overall, the seperation feeling at the end of a booking is strange. You kind of learn about the family in the time that you have spent with them. 

It is also important that you as a photographer should make your clients feel as relaxed as possible! After all, they will look much better smiling rather than anxious! 

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