Pistachios from Gaziantep (Yummy!)

If you have been to Turkey before, you would know pistachios are very popular. They are eaten on their own and even used in many desserts such as Lokum (Turkish Delight). But, if you have not tried Pistachios from Gaziantep, you have not tried pistachios at all!.

One of my close Turkish friends recommended Antep pistachios to me on numerous occasions. I thought- Lets check what the hype is about. So… I decided to get one kg based on his recommendation. It turned into an addiction… eating one after the other and not being able to stop. So why are pistachios from Gaziantep so good?

In south eastern Turkey, Gaziantep is the pistachio and baklava capital of Turkey! Baklava is a sweet dish which frequently uses pistachios too! Outside the city, there are many pistachio trees. Interestingly after researching, I found that pistachios for Baklava are picked in August when they are higher in protein and lower in fat. They are better in September for plain old eating.

In Gaziantep, pistachios are found in kebabs, drinks and cookies. 60000 metric tons are produced in a typical year.

I like mine roasted and salted. How about you?

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