Friends you can trust! 

I’ve had many experiences with different types of friends and from these, I have come up with 9 types of characteristics a true friend has…

1) A true friend will NEVER leave your side in times of difficulty! If they are not there for you during your bad times, they certainly do not deserve to be there during your happy periods and celebrations. A true friend will give their 100 percent effort regardless of your situation 

2) A true friend will be in contact FREQUENTLY. By frequent I mean atleast once a week or so to check how you are doing. This excludes social trips! They will be thinking of you or thinking it has been a while since they have contacted! The more they contact, the more they love you. Keep it two way though!

3) A true friend will always give their HONEST opion and be honest! For example if something doesn’t look right, they will say so that their friend doesn’t embarrass them self or get into the wrong situation!

4) A true friend is one that is THRUSTWORTHY! You should be able to share all your secrets and they will keep it to themselves. 

5) A true friend is UNDERSTANDING and they LISTEN. They will listen carefully to all your problems and take an understanding and then they will come up with solutions and make you feel lighter 

6. They will be the person who makes you see the brighter side of life and positive aspects! They may do this by joking or making you laugh

7. They will be there for all key moments of your life. Weddings, birthdays etc and wish you especially.

8. You know that your friend is true when after an argument you both want to get back together and forget what has happened.


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