Travel! – But Locally too! (Blakesley Hall Museum)

As a resident of Birmingham, I have not spent much time exploring my own city. I know how to get to places but have never visited or looked at what is around me. So one day, I called up a friend who lives on the next road and said “Lets go for a walk”. This is exactly what we did…

The first stop was a lovely park in which we walked full of trees and cyclist and picnic makers. Across my road is a Lovely Museum which I can see from my bedroom window – Blakesley Hall Museum. Now, local schools normally take you to visit this beauty as part of an educational trip. It had been so long (Over 15 years!) so I decided its time to have a visit.

The first thing you see is the shop of the Museum and a noticeboard which lists all of the events happening. There are loads of events for everyone of all ages! This month (month of July) was Lavender Month! The tea shop at Blakesley Hall was also offering Lavender infused snacks and drinks to go with the theme. It was lovely.

Blakesley Hall is a beautiful Tudor house and is one of the oldest buildings of Birmingham. It was built in 1590 by Richard Smallbrook who was a farmer and a man of local importance. This hidden gem, is filled with furniture giving it the 17th century look. After 1935, the hall became a museum run by the Birmingham Museums trust.

Blakesley Hall is a must visit in Birmingham. Surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is the perfect place to have a picnic, a nice afternoon tea or even host a wedding/party. The beauty is magnificent. You can find out more by visiting their website:


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