Master of Architecture… Mimar Sinan!

To list the beautiful structures first… You may have heard of or have seen the following Master Pieces:

Suleymaniye Mosque:  My favourite Camii (Mosque) in Istanbul: As the second largest mosque in Istanbul it is attractive to tourists who visit the city. The construction started in 1550 and finished in 1557. This Mosque was built for Suleyman The Magnificent (An Ottoman Sultan) and here lies Suleyman’s tomb as well has his daughter (Mihrimah Sultan) and his wife (Hurrem Sultan).

Selimiye Mosque: In Erdine, this Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Selim II between 1569 and 1575. Sinan considered this Mosque to be his masterpiece and one of the greatest achievements of Islamic Architecture.

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque: Designed especially for Mihrimah Sultan (Daughter of Suleyman the Magnificent), the construction took place from 1562 to 1565… It is an amazing landmark in Istanbul.

and many others…. I have just named the ones which appealed to me (Not biased!) because all of his work is original and beautiful and there is not one fault in any.

Mimar Sinan himself…

Mimar was the Chief Ottoman Architect. You can imagine the responsibilities and importance he had in this 16th Century. Furthermore, he was also a Civil Engineer for Suleyman the Magnificent, Selim II and Murad III. 

Mimar himself has lived from 1489 to 1588 which is nearly 100 years. Responsible for over 300 projects, he inspired and taught apprentices his skills. Many structures after his death such as the SultanAhmet mosque were designed by his apprentices. Even the Taj Mahal was designed with aid from his apprentice.

Mimar is the most influential Ottoman Architect. His work is loved by millions and tourists love to come and visit structures that were designed by him. He has a high importance in the world of Islamic Architecture. Sinan is buried outside the walls of Suleymaniye Mosque –  one of his favorite and well-known projects.

Click to see Suleymaniye Mosque in Detail

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