The effects of Travelling on Education

As a student, we have too much to deal with. From when we start our GCSEs is when it gets serious and we work our way up the ladder to A Levels (the biggest jump) and then to University.

As stressful as education can be, the best way to deal with it is to take a break…. even a few days away can cause you to take all that built up stress away. But … I have to say that by travelling, I have learned the most. When you meet people, engage in languages and cultures,  you get to learn so much. The history has a special high importance.

Thanks to my parents and my child hood experience and recent travel trips, everything I have learnt from travelling is not forgotten. Most surprising it is the most powerful tool which can even increase your grades. I have used my gain knowledge in English, History, Business and others.  Not only do my essays become more engaging but they become unique and full of different areas of information.

I think the education system lacks this interactivity and there should be more international visits and trips so students can learn more. I also think students should be able to take time away for holidays during term time without having to deal with consequence. Afterall, travel is a form of education…

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