Seeing Poverty through travel…

The type of person I am, is one that likes to go to really old and traditional places with lots of history. The more you spend in a particular place, the more you understand the locals and the types of people living there. You also learn about their daily lives and methods of commute.

Having been many places around the world, it breaks my heart to see that there are people living on the streets and homeless. How lucky are we in the West that we are not in situations where we have to beg for money. Our lives are easier in United Kingdom. Yes, the more educated you are the more you can earn. Education is free and we have several aids from the Government such as the NHS even though we pay taxes. This system is fair. Having seen the situations of many people around the world, It makes you think how much you take for granted and how much we complain.

I have seen people in desperate needs. These are families living on the streets and young mothers with babies. They may have no food or money or may need money to pay for health care. We then question the crimes in areas where poverty is high.

This is why I save a huge amount of money before going to travel. How great does it feel to distribute it with your own hands and see the smile on the faces of people. Its a different feeling and sense of security that your money has indeed gone to someone in need.

Little children begging on the streets breaks my heart the most. I still remember when I was in turkey and a little 7 year old girl was selling flower hairbands. I didn’t want the hairband but I gave her some money to help her. She returned with about 20 hairbands and dropped them in my lap and it was very sweet. Such small acts can make a big difference!

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