The Beauty of Morocco… (Part 1)

If you want to go to somewhere old, traditional with a simple way of life, then Morocco is the place. With thousands and thousands of years of history and very old buildings, seeing the right attractions will literally make you feel like you are living in the old era.

Lets start with the oldest educational institution in the world Djemaa el Kairouine! According to The Guinness Book of World Records, Djemma el Kairouine in the city of Fez still stands as old as ever being the worlds oldest University. The building is so old, yet you can see the amazing old architecture and design which still can be seen clearly to date. The Kairouine Mosque has been a part of the University for centuries. Founded originally in 859, it is the leading educational center in the Muslim world with a madrasa as part of it.

Fez was once the capital of Morocco and is known as the “Mecca of the west”. In New Morocco, Fez was the developing city but now you can see more development in major touristic sights such as Marrakech, Essouira and Agadir. Furthermore, the Ottoman Empire tried to evade Morocco and came close to Fez but were unsuccessful. You can see the royal palace with the embellished golden doors. What a beauty!

Art Art Art- For those who are passionate about art and architecture, Morocco is a great influence. Using clay, many locals create ceramics which are sold in bazaars all across Morocco. A famous form of art is Zellige which is an Islamic/Moroccan art of tiling. This form of architecture involves using mosaics and patterns to decorate walls, floors, ceilings and even fountains. Zellige is a geometrical patterns available in a variety of designs. Moreover, every city has its own form of art. For example if you visit Marrkaech, you can see red pottery and when visiting Fez, you will see the color of Blue and white.

Marrakech has been there top tourist destination in Morocco. Many tourists and locals like to go to the famous Djemma El Fnaa which is a popular market in the Medina (Old City). snake-charmers, magicians, henna stalls, and orange juice stalls are among the many  activities that take place. Also, in the Old City is the Marrakech Souk which sells thousands of items from carpets to slippers to spices! Furthermore, the very beautiful Menara Gardens built in the 12th century. Sultan Abderrahmane of Morocco built the pavillion in the 16th century and used to spend his summer time here. Another garden is the very pretty Majorelle Gardens.

Aswell as the famous gardens and souks, Marrakech has several palaces. One of the older popular palaces is El Badi Palace constructed in 1587. Other palaces include, Al-Bahia Palace and the Royal Palace. Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech and has quite a unique design. There are also several museums to visit including The Museum of Islamic Art located next to Majorelle Gardens.

Part 2 of the post coming soon…

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