Morocco – My Favourite Fez…

Morocco has increasingly become a known tourist destination. Regular tourists and holiday makers make Marrakech, Agadir and Essaouira the favourite spots. However, there’s much more to the country than these three little cities.

If you do like beach holidays, I would strongly recommend Essaouira Beach instead of Agadir. There are more locals, the beach is relaxed and I find it is a better Beach all round.

However, I find my favourite city to be Fes (or known as Fez/Faz). A large city that can be easily accessed via Spain and the train line, is the city of Fez. It’s magical, beautiful and has a lot of history! If you are into older buildings and architecture then you should be the first one here!

Fez was once the capital of Morocco and is known to be one of the biggest car-free areas! Although large, if you are staying in the centre, it can be easy to get to places by foot. More interestingly, the oldest university of the world (found in 859) is in this city. The must-sees of Fez include the Medina (old Fez) – including the right streets full of bazaars and shops that are years and years old! This is currently the main attraction. Also,not so far from fes is Moulay Idriss, and Volubilis (Roman Ruins). It is so beautiful! 

In recent developments, a shopping mall has finally landed here – Bourj Fez! The city, although traditional, is getting modern day by day. During my trip, I stayed in the Sofitel – and must say its an amazing hotel!

The little train that drives around the city is a must for a newcomer. it will take you around the main attractions and for a small price too! What I would say is to avoid going in December, the weather can be extremely cold! Don’t forget your moroccan mint tea!


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