Travel – A simple solution to Anxiety/Depression ?

It can be really boring sitting in an office all day and spending those weekends at home. Yes there’s a lot to do but sometimes I get an urge and an itch to escape. If only it was that simple.

Unfortunately it’s earn to travel these days and annual leave hardly leaves you much time. Sometimes I go to a city and don’t want to come home! If only I could make time stop and stay there for a while. If only I could bring back this life style to my boring life in the UK.

Sometimes I feel I need to escape the anxiety and depression of living in a place with so much relationships. I want to try something new and meet new people. I want to walk away from everything – everything bad in life.

Suffering from anxiety and depression is hard – been there and done that! And my only solution is to travel – to escape – to run away – spend time alone – forget everything and think fresh. Sometimes that is all you need!

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