Why do I travel?

I love travelling and the reasons are:

1) To try new foods – Foods and spices are different everywhere! Each country has its specialty. Have you ever tried Sumac ? (Special spice of Turkey) or tasted food made in a tagine (Moroccan)- YUM!. The variances of drinks are also so surprising. MY favourites include
– Moroccan Mint Tea
– Apple Tea
– Turkish Kahve/Cai
Lets not forget Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)- Had to mention this! Its my favourite food in the world!

2) Picking up on a new language. When travelling abroad, its easy to pick up on simple words. If your really dedicated, you can learn a whole new language. When I visited Turkey, when entering shops and stalls, I would hear “Boyrum” only to discover that this meant welcome. Walking around in France, I would hear Bonjour (ofcourse). Theres no better way to educate the mind than travelling.

3) History- Yes if your passionate for history then travelling is a must for you. I love hearing about living styles of previous centuries. When visiting a place, I love to go to the museums and art galleries and really get a feel for how life was like previously. You can see the struggles such as the wars that they went through. Whether it be Ottomans, Byzantines or the romans, you can bring history to life again. (Sometimes I whish I was born in the Ottoman Era ;)). To think that people used to live without the technological advances of today is crazy. Live entertainment was the way of spending free time. In todays date, we cant seem to keep away from Ipads/Laptops

4) Making Friends – I have made many friends whilst on travel. Its a nice way to get to know the locals and have contacts you know across the world. If things go wrong, you know who to approach. During the Coup Situation in Istanbul, my local new friends were really helpful advising what to do. After all, the locals would have a better idea!

5) Relax Relax Relax- I just want to get away from the busy and stressful work life you have in the UK and take a break. Work can cause stress and having a few weeks abroad is the best cure. My idea of relaxation previously included a day out on Jumeirah beach, taking in some vitamin D from the sun, having a cruise around the Bosphorous and camel trekking in the desert.

6) Getting Adventurous – Trying new things can be scary but very memorable once you have given it ago. When visiting morocco, I tried mountain trekking (on a slippery mountain !) and I  fell over and my shoes ripped apart but it is something I would laugh about in the future. Desert safari and an overnight stay is even better. I enjoyed sitting on a camel which took me around the desert. The desert is more beautiful during sunset and sunrise.


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