The magnificent poetry of the magnificent sultan…

What an amazing Poet Sultan Suleiman was…. My resident of solitude, my everything, my beloved, my shining moon

My life, my existance, my lifetime, my wine of youngness, my heavenMy spring, my joy, my day, my beloved, my laughing rose.

My delight, my wine, my tavern, my lamp, my light, my candle

My orange and pomegranate and sour orange, my candle of night

My plant, my sugar, my treasure, my delicate in world

My saint, my Joseph, my everything, my Khan of my heart´s Egypt.

My İstanbul, My Karaman, my land of Rum

My Bedehşan, my Kıpchak, my Bagdad, my Horosan

My long-haired, my bow like eyebrow, my eye full of discord, my patient

My blood is on your hands if I die, mercy o my non-Muslim

I am a flatterer near your door, I always praise you

Heart is full of sorrow, eye is full of tears, I am Muhibbi and I am happy.

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