My Favourite Ruler of the Ottoman Empire – Suleiman the Magnificent 

The longest ruling sultan in the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman was the lawgiver, the magnificent, the poet and much more!

Ruling the Ottoman Empire in the 16th Century, Sultan Suleiman played a major role in Istanbul. He expanded the Ottoman Empire, winning many wars and gave fair laws to the people of Turkey!

He is definitely one of the most powerful powers of the century! Many say he was very handsome and had a strong attractive voice.

The beautiful Suleimaniye mosque was built on the order of Sultan the Magnificent and the architect was the famous Sinan. Suleimans wife, Hurrem a Sultan also played a very important role in both Suleimans life and in the Ottoman Empire

The series Magnificent Century is a must watch to learn in detail about his life with the influencing Hurrem Sultan!

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