TravelHistorically – Why?

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller” said Ibn Battuta (Medievel Moroccan Traveller)

Welcome to my blog – TravelHistorically

The name –¬† Why did I choose this. The two foremost areas of life I love, Travel and History. The experience of life is much more powerful when the two combine. But why is that?

I want to share my experiences and knowledge of different places of the world I have travelled to. Having spent a long time in each City, I want to write about the rich history, popular culture and much more.

I have investigated what makes each city special and unique. There is no boring place in the world!

From the Ottomans, to the Romans- I hope to share some Interesting facts and myths!

What Ibn Battuta said motivated me to start this blog. Now its time for me to share my stories!

Thank you for reading


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